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Monday, 6-Feb-2006 12:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beach in Penang!

kembar tak iras
art :p
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haaa...this was like..2 weeks ago..during trimester break. thana followed shana and myself back to png for 4 days to enjoy the superb Penang. hehehe. Anyways..on sunday morn..we (consist of maself, shana, thana and ita) went to the beach. we just lepak2 first n eat n walk around till 11 before proceed to sandy beach bay hotel for jet ski. it was the first time for maself, ita n thana..but not for shana who damn show off la! 15mins for 50bucks! yeah memang nak naik sangat2! at the end of the day...we naik twice! hehehahahhahaha

tho we forgot to take pics of us on the jet ski..hehehe r some of the pics. enjoy!

kami budak gila yg best! hehehehe


eveyone wants me to piggybag em...ingat ringan ker???

bukannya mandi..main ombak! hehehe


and another....!
p.s- those r the jet ski we ride on

group pic..SMILE!

Thursday, 29-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The end of wedding - groom's side in Penang

persiapan bunga teloq
so called photographers
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ha finally! abis..FINAL! was a vey tiring event..tho it turned out alhamdulillah. even tho it wasnt till the end of the day. thankfully there werent anymore guests coming then..

anyways..these are some of the pics. potographed by shafiq and khairi...oh n some maself. enjoy!

sisters of sisters of sisters. heheahha! from left to right; bibik piah, me, mummy, aini and lisa

mommy and daddy welcoming guests

sistaaaas babeh!

jemput jemput..!

rombongan 'isa daud kelana jaya'

antara tetamu yg hadir

kids having fun diri depan kipas air

ketibaan pengantin

pengapit setia. muahahaha

daddy starts the sesi merenjis

aan merajuk tak diajak makan beradab

bride's side

later in the evening ujan...banjir jalan..

malam potong kek

Wednesday, 7-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bowling babeh!

beautiful day
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Actually this was like..a week or 2 back...i just didnt have the time to upload pics then. Anyways, we played bowling in was fun! esp for shana since it waas her first time.

The journey was like..10-15mins only since it is Putrajaya..but Thana turned it into 'a long journey'...sempat tdo!!! hehehe

thana thana...alamanda je laaa

sesi tunjuk gigi

sha in action!!

Monday, 5-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Abg is a husband! finally!

his baju melayu...
it says it on the cover
family portrait. :)
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Geesshh! I have lots n lots of pictures to upload..really! I just dont have the luxury of time.. In ma new sem its work work work..

Anywyas, 2 sundays back was brother's akad nikah. I was their candid photographer. hehehe. Here are sme f the pics i took.

Lepas ni bleh la jd wedding photographer. )

ma dearest family.

hantaran from us..the guy's side.

ma very the noti cousin -aan

sesi akad nikah

husband & wife..

happily ever after..insyaAllah..
(damn ma bro looks exactly like me!!)

Wednesday, 16-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Twister babeh!!!

ma twister mat
first time playing it
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Ive been wanting to get the twister mat since..God knows how long..and i finally did~!!

Anyways, ive been enjoying playing and WATCHING ppl play it! hehehahaha! of course we only play among the gals la.. are some of the shots i managed to take while ma frens twist emself under n ontop of ppl! hehehe

stretch stretch!!!


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